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Affiliate Program


Join the affiliate program, Sign up to use this feature. You can share your referral link anywhere like facebook, twitter, blogs and others. 


  • You can share your referral link anywhere like facebook, twitter, blogs and others. 
  • Do not spamming that may bother others.
  • You can put a banner from Themelate or you can make your own.
  • Prohibited manipulation of the price and description of the template.
  • Affiliate programs are not re-sell, but provide recommendations through a referral link, and you will get a commission from every sale from your referral link.


  • Cookies
    - Affiliate Program uses cookies for 30 days for all purchase.
    - Link referral was first used can not be replaced with a new one before the prospective buyer pay off payment or cancel the purchase.
  • Commission
    - Revenues commission from each sold template, you are entitled to 35% of the total payment for the Personal License and Plus license. and 30% of the total payment for the Developer License.
  • Payment
    - Commission payments made each end of the month, and the minimum payout is Rp 100,000.00
    - Payment to the bank than the BCA, transfer fee is taken from the total payment.

  • What is Cookies 30 days?
    When prospective buyers click on your referral link and have not made a purchase, referral is still stored for 30 days and is still active when the prospective buyer makes a purchase, counted for 30 days to click on your referral link.
  • How storage Cookies?
    When a potential buyer had an order cart with your referral link, and (the prospective buyer) clicking another referral link. Referrals is still yours until the prospective buyer settle the payment or cancel it.
  • What If my bank account than the BCA or PayPal?
    If your bank account than the BCA or PayPal, We will cut of your revenue for the transfer fee. Payments are made every end of the month.

All the rules mentioned above are not exhaustive, and right to make changes in the future.

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