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Frequently asked questions

How to purchases a template?

You can read on page How to buy.

Can I use Paypal for payment?

Yes, you can use paypal for payment

Can I install a template over one website / blog?

Templates can be installed in all website / blog. Learn more at License

Can I use for Web Development Service?

Yes, if you have the Developer License or License Plus. Learn more at License

What is License Plus?

License Plus is used for free templates that have the plus version, so you can get more features than the free template.

How do I upgrade template of personal license to developer license?

You can buy another template with Developer License using the Coupon Upgrade(NameTemplate) like "UPGRADEBLOGSHOP", the price will be automatically truncated from Personal License.

Can I resell the template?

Forbidden to sell / give the template to anyone and in any way.

Apakah boleh menghapus link copyright?

Menghapus link copyright hanya biperkenankan untuk Plus License, Personal License dan Developer License.

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